Velocity is a multi-sector, multi-fund business focusing on innovative commercial ideas with fund vehicles crossing  SEIS and EIS.

Opportunity therefore, exists to efficiently invest in or become the catalyst for interesting, innovative, breakthrough ideas and businesses and to enable brilliant ideas to take root and flourish under the expert guidance of the Velocity team.

In addition to capital, Velocity has a number of support services available to Investee Companies. These include board representation, mentoring and assistance with forming strategic, commercial and academic partnerships.

Velocity also offers access to a range of preferential services provided by associated companies including accountants, lawyers, marketing agencies and public funding grants.

Facilitating affordable and comprehensive business support will help attract the best investment opportunities and offer businesses the greatest opportunity to succeed. It will also provide significant savings and, in the case of public grants, additional funding without dilution to the founders’ or the Funds’ shareholdings.

The brilliance of the Velocity model is that this isn’t investment for the sake of investing; this is investing that breathes life into exciting new initiatives that in turn creates employment, generates wealth, creates exciting associations for the investor and ultimately aims to provide a return on investment.


The Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) and Seed Enterprise Investment Schemes (SEIS) are tax relief initiatives introduced by the UK Government to encourage individuals to invest in start-up businesses and unquoted trading companies.

Velocity gives investors access to a range of hand-selected businesses which qualify for either SEIS or EIS to suit the client’s personal tax position, summarised in the table below.

Comparative table of SEIS and EIS tax reliefs:


Income Tax Relief: 50%
Max Investment per tax year: £100,000
Tax-Free Exit: Yes
CGT Exemption: 50% Exemption
Qualifying Period: 3 years
Inheritance Tax Exempt after two years: Yes


Income Tax Relief: 30%
Max Investment per tax year: £1,000,000
Tax Free Exit: Yes
CGT Exemption: Deferral Only
Qualifying Period: 3 years
Inheritance Tax Exempt after two years: Yes